Childhood Memories #1

Jordan discusses how he has been speaking out and researching since 1959. Jordan wanted to know more, about everything. His wanting to know more about the Occult, and its meaning, “hidden”.

Jordan talks about a “force in the universe” that has opened Jordan to all sorts of strange experiences. Jordan shares a story of an out of body experience as a child, and growing up in Gulf Breeze Florida in the 1950’s. Jordan grew up Catholic, which lead him at an early age to question the nuns, priests, and the very structure of the church. As a child he saw alien life forms on a daily basis.

A strange tale from Gulf Breeze Florida. The Ghoul that terrorized the small Florida town of Pensacola in the 1950’s. Lyncanthropy, and its medical disability for a werewolf. The moon and its influence on people.

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