Space-Time Continuum and Crystal Skulls

Space-time continuum, Crystal Skulls

Jordan reminds us to get a copy of Charles Fort book. “The complete works of Charles Fort”. One of the stories happened in California, 1870s, and then in early 1900’s. 5-ton stones fell from the sky, falling in slow motion. (discussing space-time continuum.) Jordan shares a story about a pilot friend who also experienced a real time travel to the past. We discuss P-2 and Proposition Duey. The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Gods banker “The Vatican”

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Show Links

God’s Banker : An Account of the Life and Death of Roberto Calvi God’s Banker

Island of Dr. Moreau. By HG Wells

Complete Books of Charles Fort

The Da Vinci Code

Dr. Leir Website

Propaganda Due P-2 Lodge

Gods Bankers – Article about the Vatican.

Link-The 13th Amendment – no US Citizen can be Knighted.

Opus Dei

Hedges Crystal Skulls, and Anny Mitchel Hedges

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Dr. Leir removes Alien Chip