Jordan & Dr. Roger Leir #1

“Always trust the one who looking for truth; never trust the one who knows the truth”

We are not alone in the Universe. Aliens are among us and their implants communicate. How Aliens that have visited Earth, have implanted many humans. Dr. Leir shares his expertise, having researched in 42 countries over the years. He explains what the implants are, and how scientists think they work. Scientific talk about how the implants work.

Dr. Leir shares his experiences of removing many Alien Implants. Carbon Nanotechnology. Black Budget. Nanostrands and Carbon nano-tube bundles. How radio signals within the Implants all have the same frequency. Components are the same size of an Atom. Thallium, and Iridium are within the implants.

Tower of Babel built by punishment by God. Telepathic Communication. Evolution of Human Communication.

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