Jordan & Dr. Roger Leir #2

If you think that UFOs are not real or that only crazy people believe in aliens, think again. – Dr. Leir.

Dr, Leir discusses The Varginha UFO incident, in January 1996. Aliens share with Brazilian doctor that they feel sorry for the Human Race on earth, and that humans have lost touch with their spiritual connection.

Brazilian military rescues an Alien and takes it to the local health clinic.  They speak about Inca carved stones in Lima Peru. Dr, Leir ponders, where are all the bones of the Maya? Alien heads in Peru, British Palace Guard Head gear, same shape as alien heads. Evidence of people living with dinosaurs, millions of years ago. 6 Inch aliens found.

Secret message from Chris Carter from the X-Files – “Fight the Future” soundtrack. Listen to the last track, at counter time 10:13.

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