Conversations with Jordan #6

Hollywood’s job is programming director for the western world. Media’s involvement in programming.  Sandy Hook shooting. Why doesn’t the media cover connection between Psychiatric Medication and other Mass Shootings?

News = Programming society. Media – where does the word come from?

Anchormen must sign contract saying they follow the Tele-prompters any personal views grounds for arrest.

Sheeple are afraid, better just go along to get along.

 The word “Breath”, Hebrew word, contract. “British” comes from the Hebrew words brit (or “covenant,” familiar to many of you in its Ashkenazic form of bris, a circumcision) . Brit-ish – Man of the contract. Men who demand a contract.

What Happened to America? Washington DC, use to be called Rome. Is America falling like the Roman Empire did long ago? New York is the Empire State. The law is not bad, it is just sometimes abused, and manipulated. Declaration of independence.

How the law works. Law book, and Commerce, and congress have same meaning. Sex.  All crime is business, under the UCC.

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