Pre-Astro-Theology #2

The bible is, to put simply, the war between light and darkness.

There are 12 hours of light, and there are 12 hours of darkness.

“The Truth in the Light”

You better prepare yourself when the night comes, that is when the predators are out. Jesus is a symbolic gesture. As he is the “truth in the light”. The devil is the prince of darkness.

The letter D-in front of evil = Devil ******** Take the letter o out of Good = God

The bible says, that Jesus is the truth in the light, and is god’s son. Jesus is the “sun” of the world. God’s sun is the risen savor.

Pontius Pilate, was from the fifth Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea, from AD 26–36. He is best known as the judge at Jesus’ trial and the man who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus. The people chose the murderer to set free, as they did not want Jesus.

What happens when a bright light is turned on? They turn there head away from the light. How big is the Universe? If there is a God, why do most congregate?

Is Church Dogma? Are we worshiping the wrong God?

Do not judge this concept until you hear the entire story.

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