Jordan and Friends – On the Universe #1

God blessed Adam and Eve, and said to them, “Go forth, multiply, and re-plenish the earth.”  Genesis- 1:28

The re – in “re-plenish”, means,  DO IT AGAIN !

Mathematics, nature and the stars. The deeper you look into it, the more is revealed. What is the matrix, what are we? Do we exist within a universe, or are there multiple universes, as Einstein theorized, many parallel universes.

Quantum mathematics, Phoenix lights, greater beings, and the origin of our knowledge? It is agreed, that the real information is in the hands of the private sector, not in the hands of Government. Is the entire universe filled with extra terrestrial forces?

Who controls the planet? Greed seems to be eating greed at our current point in history. Why is the global economy such a mess. Maybe the Non-interference of treaties needs to be implemented.

The Bible does NOT say “God Made Man”. God actually said “Come let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”  Maybe they think it’s time to re-make man. God says… man has become one of us. Topics, Close Encounters of the third kind. Hidden Government disguising themselves as private contractors. Then private contractors discussing as government.

Genesis 9-1, when Noah comes off the Ark for the first time, God says to him. “Be fruitful, multiply, and RE-plenish (means do it again) the earth”.

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