Law Series Part 3

“A Nobleman should know the Law in full, and a sovereign is above a Nobleman. So, you better do your homework, and know what you’re talking about if you want to talk about sovereignty, because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble.”

In the original constitution, man was recognized as sovereign. (Lancing v. Smith.) If you are sovereign, you don’t have anything to do with the I.R.S. If you are seeking State citizenship, you may not be aware of many adhesion contracts that you have already made giving any sovereignty away. If you are enjoying the benefits of the corporation, then the government asserts you should shoulder the burdens. You are not sovereign.

In the old days of the wild West, every man had the prerogatives of a king and held a pistol on his belt. If one sovereign disagreed with another, they had the option to hold court right there on the street. Kings are sovereign, subjects are subjugated. The aristocrats began to realize they were in trouble, having a bunch of peasants, that were now sovereign.

Internal Revenue Service is an internal organization dealing with employees, or franchisees, of the United States Corporation. Evidenced by writing a check for our “State Tax” to the Franchise Tax Board. I.R.S. employees, are just people doing a job.
US citizens cannot have allodial title to anything. They only hold an equitable interest. The corporation owns everything!
Are citations illegal?
What is the difference between Substance and legal fiction.
What is the difference between a resident, and domicile.

“Live within the Law, know the Law.” JM.

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