Jordan’s Peak Experiences

Jordan has had 36 Peak Experiences in his life that have molded his thoughts and his life.

San Diego, mid 1990’s, Jordan has an experience that was too coincidental, be called a coincidence. A road trip with his good friend Bob Leeds, turns into a strange premonision.

Jordan invited his friend Jeff on a small trip to Box Canyon, north of Los Angeles. While Star Gazing with a few beer, Jordan makes dare to God.

Star gazing as a ten year old, with his pal Conner back on the Gulf coast, the two witness an unbelievable, unexplainable phenomenon in the sky.

Again in San Diego, while visiting his friend Tim, again in the 1990’s, both Tim and Jordan had retired to their rooms for the night to sleep. While sleeping, Jordan was awoken by the sound of fire burning, but smelled no smoke… It wasn’t a fire!
At the same place, a few nights later, Jordan had a lucid dream, where he argued with an Angel. The Angel ordered him to wake up – with a warning.

Jordan had a psychic friend many years ago (1990’s) that used to make VERY accurate predictions. One of these “predictions” predicted, the exact date and location of an out of State conference with Dave Talbot and the Kronia group in Portland Oregon. Jordan was to be the host. This is where he met Bob Leeds. Well, it’s all come true, other than the very last detail.

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