The Great Metaphor

“You have eyes, that do not see, you have ears, that do not hear and with your heart you do not get the sense of it” Jesus.

Jordan thanks you for supporting the show, and gives props to George Noory, Jeff Rense, and Alex Jones.
Jordan and Mike talk about the Church of the Latter Day Saints. “Sin today, be saved tomorrow.”
Jordan explains Jesus was never here. Jesus is a metaphor. The entire story of Jesus in the new testament, from Matthew to Revelation is a profoundly important work on the world, and an incredibly important story. It’s got important knowledge, and understanding woven into the story, but you have to know how to read it.

The Jesuit theologians, Priests, and Cardinals etc. all understand that the story of the bible is a metaphor. It is all Astro-Theology.
Michelangelo did not have access to the bible. No common man was supposed to have access to the bible.
Jordan does not care to debate anyone at this stage, but he challenges anyone to prove there was ever a man called Jesus that was the actual Son of God.

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