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“Produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell, who continues as a pre-ememinent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy.”

Jordan Maxwell discusses the darkness of this world – the cataclysmic folly of the human race – crime in high places – extraterrestrial intervention in mankind’s affairs aka “the Gods” (a common theme in religions) – spirituality – crime, violence, murder, and corruption in religion – elite pimps and murderers – un-German thoughts – George Orwell – mental sloth – utter, benighted ignorance – govern – ment, govern-mint, govern-mind – faith and credit – mind control – knowledge is power – zombies – cancer – Royal Rife – God, cod, code – church, kirk, Circe – whiskey, liquor, and religion – sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll – money, sex, stupidity.

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