Jordan and Friends – On Astrology #2

“The more we change the more we stay the same.” Winston Churchill

Jordan and friends speak about how Jordan inspired his friend to learn Astrology. We are being told to “Go back to the Old ways”, per the Old Testament.
They point out that all of the old temples were built with Astrological themes. Look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. (See Photo’s below).

Jordan and friend discuss the stars. Jordan also explains why he does not like public events. Reminding his friends, he rants, “look at most of the public, screwballs, sports addicted, smart assess”.

There is more discussion on Jordan’s chart, and why Religion, Spirituality, and past lives, may affect who Jordan, and each of us are. Jordan stars have a tail of the Dragon in Pisces. They speak about how this affects laws of the sea. Co-incidentally, Jordan shares that he does not like being on the ocean.

Jordan’s friend thinks that modern traditional astrology should be called Ecliptic-ology. Jordan and friend explain how Nostradamus astrology is the accurate way to define your chart. Jordan tells a story about how his friend predicted the international Banking meltdown in 2007, due to the Dragons tail shifting, and cancer ruling. General talk about how the zodiac affects the world.

Sumerians divided the heavens into three parts. Northern, Southern and Central Universe. was the center of the Universe.

Jordan tells us about Neil deGrasse Tyson, He is an American astrophysicist and science communicator scientist who Jordan respects.

Wikipedia Link – Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Jordan and Friends – On Astrology #1

“Always trust the person seeking the truth, never trust the one who’s found it.” JM

We are going to take a break from Astro-theology for a bit, but it’s far from over. We will be getting back to it soon enough, it’s Jordan’s favorite topic. We have Jordan’s friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) in the studio who is the best Astrological reader Jordan knows. He uses the Nostradamus’ method of reading the stars.

God is out there. They discuss the connections between ET, and the Zodiac. It seems throughout time, the elite and world rulers have always used Astrology, and still do. Gods rule is written in the stars.

Nostradamus’ theory, that the signs of the Zodiac do not have enough accuracy. The actual constellation in the sky differs from the astrological charts. This is due to the Equinox and the Time that each of us were born. What happens when someone is born at the same time, but one in the northern equinox, and one in the southern equinox?

Jordan’s friend discusses his opinion on true Astrology. How the Greeks took the stars out of Astrology. The Greeks implemented Astrology into buildings, farming and every day life, which was all controlled by the ruling elite.

There is a difference in what one sees in the charts, and what is actual seen in the sky.

Jordan’s friend reads Jordan’s chart under a solar Nostradamus’ chart. He explains how Nostradamus’ astrology can shapes who we are. Jordan’s head and tail of the Dragon is discussed.

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Astro-Theology #1

Now that foundation has been laid, Jordan is going to start digging into ASTROTHEOLOGY. Please stick with it, it may sound repetitive, but it is. All religions are based on this simple story… The battle between the light and the dark.

Astrotheology is the study of the Gods. The greatest story ever told. How God works is Theo. In ancient Grease, this was called the Theater. The God Show.

Facts on how religion works, and why.

1 : Corinthians 15:14 “And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching in vain”.

Let’s go back to the birth of modern man, not the birth of Jesus. Human life has evolved. The sun is our savor, the light of the world. Sun Worship.

Matthew 4-2, 4-16. Gods Sun has risen. The Sun is a God symbol. The Sun rises, each day. In bible and Tora. God is referred to as a fire, hence Sun.

Energy from the Sun gives life. Energy is life. Humans are batteries. When we are tired we are dead.

Horus is still symbolized as a Hawk or a Dove. It is symbolic, as in Born Again. God’s sun is born again. Horus has risen. Horus is rising, call it horizon.

Horus had 12 lives or 12 Horus’ – The 12 step programs – 12 Jurors – 12 hours for Sun to be in the sky – 12 Horus. All Sumerian and Egyptian religions are pre-Christian and pre-Judaic. Jesus said he would leave on a cloud and return on a cloud, Does this sound like the sunrise, and the sunset? Jesus is gods Sun, not Gods Son.

The Greatest Story ever told. Stick with us, we have a few more shows of Astrotheology that Jordan feels are important., and he wants to get through before moving on to another topic.

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Pre-Astro-Theology #2

The bible is, to put simply, the war between light and darkness.

There are 12 hours of light, and there are 12 hours of darkness.

“The Truth in the Light”

You better prepare yourself when the night comes, that is when the predators are out. Jesus is a symbolic gesture. As he is the “truth in the light”. The devil is the prince of darkness.

The letter D-in front of evil = Devil ******** Take the letter o out of Good = God

The bible says, that Jesus is the truth in the light, and is god’s son. Jesus is the “sun” of the world. God’s sun is the risen savor.

Pontius Pilate, was from the fifth Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea, from AD 26–36. He is best known as the judge at Jesus’ trial and the man who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus. The people chose the murderer to set free, as they did not want Jesus.

What happens when a bright light is turned on? They turn there head away from the light. How big is the Universe? If there is a God, why do most congregate?

Is Church Dogma? Are we worshiping the wrong God?

Do not judge this concept until you hear the entire story.

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Matthew 27
Dead Sea Scrolls





Pre-Astro-Theology #1

Astro-Theology is Religion from the Gods

The Bible is the greatest Story Every told. Astro-Theology is the study of God.
Why does every other Church have a different Story? Where does Christianity come from? The Bible is an encoded story. Theo, Theater, in ancient Greece it was called the God Show, the The-Attar, Theater. These teachers of GOD were theocrats. Ask anyone, where God is? They would all point at the sky.

Life comes from Life. Hindu recorded seeing flying discs. Photos
Christianity, Judaism, Islam. The three religions by the book.

Bible, Torah, Koran. Where did Christianity and its history begin? Why is TBN all about money? Why are most religions about money?
Tammy and Jim Baker were Theater actors, flying on private jets, and making mad Money.

Claremont University has an original copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Astrology and the Dead Sea Scrolls. What is really within the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Jordan speaks about the Bible and Codes within the Bible. What are the seven hidden codes within the Old Testament? Why does each religious denomination have a different take on the truth of religion? The Sumerians and Egyptians understood and had the real truth.

Aesop’s Fables or the Aesopian is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560.

“By their fruits you shall know them” Jesus.

What are the fruits of these religions ??

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Aesop’s Fables (Oxford World’s Classics)

Dead Sea Scrolls




A Beautiful Mind – Paperback

A Beautiful Mind (2001)


Commerce & Banking Show #1

US vs American Citizen. Research “Commerce game”, on how banks really work. Lessons from Jordan. Who owns you? US Inc.

As an American national, you are protected under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence. Has benefits, as well as draw backs.

US Citizens are employees of US Inc. Jordan explains the “Body Social”, in terms of Law. When you retire, you receive Social Security profit sharing from use of your security. “They” are not giving you anything, you worked for it. Each person is a “Security” around the world. Why are “Birth Certificates”, on Stock paper?

Humans are Stock for the US Corporation. Birth Certificate are on the Stock Market. Your body was security for the Federal Reserve when was the Federal Reserve formed! What are the numbers on the back of your Social Security Card, and on the back of your Birth Certificate?

Banks cannot loan you someone else’s money, they loan you your money. Why banks loan on Commercial Paper. US CITIZENS are employees of the Corporation, that is why you need a License for everything from a marriage license, a business license, and a driver’s license. It’s all business.

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Uniform Commercial Code

The Creature from Jekyll Island


LAWS of the LAND vs LAWS of the SEA

The United States vs. the United States of America. All started after the civil war. 1871.

From back in the Roman Empire, there are two things on earth, Land and water. Subsequently, we have law of the land, and the law of the water. Law of the land is the law of the people in the land in which they live. However laws of the sea/water are International. They are the Banking laws. When you get a credit card in the USA, it works in Europe or in India.

All ships are female, and she delivers a product. Females produce products. Labor, Delivery Room, Birth, Ship, “she” delivers products. When products are delivered, they need a certificate of Manifest. What is on the ship is on its manifest.
Humans are Maritime Admiralty products; they also have Certificate of manifest. “Birth Certificate.” On the bottom of Birth Certificate, shows our “Informant” are our Parents. We are then property of the Department of Commerce.

All humans are “Stock”. As soon as people are born, they are property of the government in which they live. See US Vs USA. United States is different than the United States of America. Constitution of USA formed in 1776 and the Constitution for the US 1871. US Inc. United states is a corporation. Formed in Delaware in 1871. All Citizens are governed under Corporate Law. All corporations must have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure. Hence, the USA Inc formed in Act of 1871. A US Citizen is an employee of the US Inc. Jordan discusses the difference.

Rome was once ruled the world. Cesar once ruled from “the hill”. Washington DC, the new Rome, as Washington DC is the new Rome, or Empire. Jordan shares his wisdom on who owns you, and why America has liquor stores and drug stores on every corner.

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The United States Constitution

Constitution of the United States

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Capitoline Hill

US Vs USA in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary

Conversations with Jordan #6

Hollywood’s job is programming director for the western world. Media’s involvement in programming.  Sandy Hook shooting. Why doesn’t the media cover connection between Psychiatric Medication and other Mass Shootings?

News = Programming society. Media – where does the word come from?

Anchormen must sign contract saying they follow the Tele-prompters any personal views grounds for arrest.

Sheeple are afraid, better just go along to get along.

 The word “Breath”, Hebrew word, contract. “British” comes from the Hebrew words brit (or “covenant,” familiar to many of you in its Ashkenazic form of bris, a circumcision) . Brit-ish – Man of the contract. Men who demand a contract.

What Happened to America? Washington DC, use to be called Rome. Is America falling like the Roman Empire did long ago? New York is the Empire State. The law is not bad, it is just sometimes abused, and manipulated. Declaration of independence.

How the law works. Law book, and Commerce, and congress have same meaning. Sex.  All crime is business, under the UCC.

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Link : Who owns Reuters?

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Ari Fleischer’s reign of terror

Michael Chertoff – Selling Body Scanners

Radiation doctor says TSA naked body scanners can cause cancer

Article – Body Scanners Useless 

Cancer and Body Scanners

MIT – Body Scanners could damage DNA

Europe bans human body scanners – 1
Europe bans human body scanners – 2

Secret Film Studio Producing Classified Films

Rome Maryland

Capital Building is exact to Vatican design.

Jewish Daily – Brit-ish?

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Conversations with Jordan #5

Noah’s Ark, which was an ancient Sumerian story. The Gilgamesh Epic. Pre-dates Hebrews. The Sumerian story was about an old man that God favored, and he built an Arch, who saved the Animals and people from a great flood. Sound familiar? Ancient stories are “Stories” about the world we live in.

Egyptians were great record keepers, and there is not one story written about building the Pyramids, in all the Egyptian records. Pharaohs’ were all buried in the Valley of the Kings, not the Pyramids.

The Lost Arch of the Covenant. Is a recycled story about the Ark of the contract. The book of Revelations, mentions that it’s in Heaven. The lost arch of the Contract in Ancient Egypt. “Arch of the Contract”. Governments have been looking for the Lost Arch, since the 1920’s.

Operation Paper Clip, 1947-1949, and the Nazi connection.   Safe passage under Operation Paperclip. Vatican Rat Line. Safe passage for Nazis. What Is Plum Island, NY.

Nazi connection of Cross Breading Humans and Animals.
1970’s at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia.


The real Jason Borne, is “Jeffery Bourne”, a shadowy figure who ran Yerkes Lab for 27 years. He allegedly also was part of CIA mind control and brainwashing experiments to create Manchurian Candidates.
Grenada invasion Hospital Destroyed in the 1980’s. Joseph Smith prophecy.  

Why is America Broke? Why is the USA in Iraq? Treason. Why are Prisons getting more money than Students??

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is a private; FOR PROFIT Company that owns and manages prisons and detention centers and operates others on a concession basis.

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Plum Island

The Gentle Giants – Geoffrey Borne Book
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Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark – book

Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark. DVD.

Boys from Brazil. DVD.

Island of Lost Souls DVD.

Remember many books are available on the Kindle for easy and instant reading

Plum Island

Noah’s Ark – Gilgamesh

Primate Research

Invasion of Grenada-1
Invasion of Grenada-2

Plum Island

Laws on Treason

Man Jailed for not demolishing building

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National Geographic : The ‘Humanzee’ Experience in America

We hope you enjoyed this spoof, we thought it was very funny!

Paranormal & number 33

Paranormal Experiences. Jerry Gross, and his paranormal abilities. Remote Viewing. His Doorway to a New Dimension work. The physical body. Death takes on a new meaning as we begin to realize that it is only a transition to another dimension, or place of existence. Astral Projection. Haunted Westwood Apartment previously lived in by  Liz Taylor, Janet Leigh, Bugsy Siegel, Virginia Hill, & Tony Curtis. Jordan discusses Mithraism, Counsel of nine. The book of revelation. The Great Pyramids, Three sides …and Tesla. Three gods. Body Mind Spirit. A definition of God that is a blend of Hinduism,  Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jordan discusses Two political parties in the USA. Left and Right wing, Tesla Wireless Transmission of Power & Earth Harmonics. Maurisi Kuttria author.

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Remember many books are available on the Kindle for easy and instant reading

Remote Viewers

Secrets of the Lost Bible

Psychic Warrior

The Book of Enoch

The Apocrypha

The Mysteries of Mithras

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The Council of 9 

Wikipedia Council of Nine

Nikola Tesla & The Great Pyramid

Elizabeth Taylor’s Homes

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Jerry Gross