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Do you need help with Podcasting?

A Podcast is really nothing more then an MP3 audio file that is published by various means. You can subscribe to a number of services (iTunes, Zune, etc) that can provide you with software that will automatically retrieve each episode for you. So if you can play music you can play a podcast! Below will help you get started on using this websites audio players if you are new to it, or use one of the mentioned software packages to automatically get the show. Below we give a brief introduction on how to get the show from typical devices, from a PC/Mac to iPhone/Android.

The Site Players

Below are the typical players that you might find on the website. They may look different depending if you are viewing the page on a phone, tablet, PC or Mac. But generally you will see one of the players below.

Simple Episode Player

It has VCR style buttons that will Play, Pause and stop the player. The small Ramp to the left of the ‘?’ allows you to change the volume as well. And finally to the right of the volume control is the ‘Thumb’ control which allows you to playback at any point in the episode. Just grab it with your mouse and go!

The last couple of items to note are the 2 links under the player. The ‘Play in new window’ link will pop up a new window with the player in it. This will allow you to browse the web and still enjoy the show. And finally the ‘Download’ link, read on!

Sample Audio Player

Downloading the Show

If you want to download the show from the website here’s a few tips if you running into problems –

PC Users : Internet Explorer : Right Mouse click on the download link and select “Save target as…”. If you’re using Firefox, Right Mouse click on the download link and choose “Save Link As”. Once downloaded double-click on the file and it will start playing in the default media player.

Mac Users : Hold down the Control Key and click on the download link. Next, Safari users choose “Download Linked File” or “Save Linked File to…”, Firefox users choose “Save Link As”. Once downloaded click on the file and it will start playing in the default media player.

The ‘Other’ Player

Sample Player In Sidebar

The second player that you will find on the site is located in the sidebar of the site. This will always play the most current episode of the show. Operation is simple, with only 2 buttons, Start/Pause and Scrub. You can also select a different play time into the show by clicking into the tacking bar or click and hold over the Scrub button and drag to a new time in the show. You may have to wait for the show to load before the Scrub will slide. Note, their is no option to save a file from this player only the individual episode player.

Remember the downloaded file is a simple MP3 file that most any player can use, it is not exclusive to iPod’s, iPhones, etc.

Mobile Devices

Depending on your device you should be able to play the shows right off the website. The small audio player supports HTML 5 compatible browsers as well as Adobe Flash. If you have an Android phone you may have to download the Adobe Flash Plugin (from the App store) and enable it. If you don’t know what this all means, don’t worry, just go to and click the player it should work on most all platforms.

If you have an Apple product your easiest way to get the shows is to subscribe using iTunes. iTunes will automatically get all the episodes as they come out and when you sync your device you will have it. iTunes is compatible with PC’s as well as the Macintosh Platform. It manages it in one easy place.

Get iTunes right here – Apple’s iTunes


Here are a couple of links for other mobile applications, your mileage may vary but it’s a starting point.

Review of Android Podcasting Applications

Review of iPhone/iPad Podcasting Applications

Home Computers

To play the show on a PC or Mac, you can go right to this website and play it directly from the audio play that is typically in the episodes post. This should work on most systems. Don’t forget you can ALSO save the file from the links that are located near the player as well as pop up a new window with the audio player that will allow you to continue to browse the web while listening to the show! (See above)

A great tool for automatically downloading the show is Apple’s iTunes. It supports Mac’s and PC’s. This can also sync up with all your Apple devices so you can listen to your episodes on the go on all your Apple devices.

Get iTunes right here – Apple’s iTunes


RSS Feeds (For the Techies)


You can use the following links to get the direct feeds for the show. The first link is the preferred one to use.

Direct Show Media Feed via Libsyn –

Site Feed With Shows Embedded –




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