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20-0 COVER Isis Suckling Horus

Astro-Theology #1

Now that foundation has been laid, Jordan is going to start digging into ASTROTHEOLOGY. Please stick with it, it may sound repetitive, but it is. All religions are based on this simple story… The battle between the light and the dark. Astrotheology is the study of the Gods. The greatest story ever told. How God […]

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19-0-COVER Jesus

Pre-Astro-Theology #2

The bible is, to put simply, the war between light and darkness. There are 12 hours of light, and there are 12 hours of darkness. “The Truth in the Light” You better prepare yourself when the night comes, that is when the predators are out. Jesus is a symbolic gesture. As he is the “truth […]

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Pre-Astro-Theology #1

Astro-Theology is Religion from the Gods The Bible is the greatest Story Every told. Astro-Theology is the study of God. Why does every other Church have a different Story? Where does Christianity come from? The Bible is an encoded story. Theo, Theater, in ancient Greece it was called the God Show, the The-Attar, Theater. These […]

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17-0-COVER New York Stock Exchange

Commerce & Banking Show #1

US vs American Citizen. Research “Commerce game”, on how banks really work. Lessons from Jordan. Who owns you? US Inc. As an American national, you are protected under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence. Has benefits, as well as draw backs. US Citizens are […]

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LAWS of the LAND vs LAWS of the SEA

The United States vs. the United States of America. All started after the civil war. 1871. From back in the Roman Empire, there are two things on earth, Land and water. Subsequently, we have law of the land, and the law of the water. Law of the land is the law of the people in […]

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Conversations with Jordan #6

Hollywood’s job is programming director for the western world. Media’s involvement in programming.  Sandy Hook shooting. Why doesn’t the media cover connection between Psychiatric Medication and other Mass Shootings?   News = Programming society. Media – where does the word come from? Anchormen must sign contract saying they follow the Tele-prompters any personal views grounds for […]

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14-0-Cover Noahs Ark

Conversations with Jordan #5

Noah’s Ark, which was an ancient Sumerian story. The Gilgamesh Epic. Pre-dates Hebrews. The Sumerian story was about an old man that God favored, and he built an Arch, who saved the Animals and people from a great flood. Sound familiar? Ancient stories are “Stories” about the world we live in.   Egyptians were great […]

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Paranormal & number 33

Paranormal Experiences. Jerry Gross, and his paranormal abilities. Remote Viewing. His Doorway to a New Dimension work. The physical body. Death takes on a new meaning as we begin to realize that it is only a transition to another dimension, or place of existence. Astral Projection. Haunted Westwood Apartment previously lived in by  Liz Taylor, Janet […]

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12-0 COVER

Jordan & Dr. Roger Leir #2

If you think that UFOs are not real or that only crazy people believe in aliens, think again. – Dr. Leir.   Dr, Leir discusses The Varginha UFO incident, in January 1996. Aliens share with Brazilian doctor that they feel sorry for the Human Race on earth, and that humans have lost touch with their […]

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11-0 COVER  Implant

Jordan & Dr. Roger Leir #1

“Always trust the one who looking for truth; never trust the one who knows the truth”   We are not alone in the Universe. Aliens are among us and their implants communicate. How Aliens that have visited Earth, have implanted many humans. Dr. Leir shares his expertise, having researched in 42 countries over the years. […]

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Close Encounters of Jordan’s Kind

Jordan tells us about a first hand sighting he had of a Pterodactyl. Jordan repeats his good friend Paul Tice’s story about a 2-foot wide UFO hovering above the pool in his back yard. Another story where Paul Tice saw a dog-faced Bigfoot looking creature, while he was working in rural Massachusetts. Jordan shares another […]

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