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Conversations with Jordan #2

Jordan speaks about the symbols on the UNITED STATES dollar bill. The American eagle on the US dollar bill has 33 feathers on one wing, 32 on the other, and 9 tail feathers (the Council of Nine, steering the wings). Jordan speaks of the Triune Gods, and the Bible. What do the 13 stars on the UNITED STATES dollar bill mean? We talk about the hexagram and the six-pointed star, and Saturn. Christmas was originally Saturnalia. The Sun cycle is the basis for all religions. The Sun cycle keeps going. Everything is connected. We talk about Jesus being the rejected cornerstone, not the cornerstone of the church.

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Wikipedia — Saturnalia

Wikipedia — Great Seal of the United States

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Conversations with Jordan #1

Welcome to the introduction of the Jordan Maxwell Show. Jordan Maxwell explains his motivation for doing his show and what inspired him. Jordan gives a definition of the “OCCULT,” and that nothing is what it seems. He also shares an example of one of the 36 PEAK EXPERIENCES in his life, where he concludes we are being given technology.

He speaks of his friends in both business and government who call the shots. Jordan touches on symbols and their meaning within global government. We talk about the Pyramids of Egypt and their relationship with Orion’s belt and about other pyramids throughout the world, including one that is submerged in the grand banks of the Bahamas.

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Wikipedia — Occult

Henry Kissinger (official website)

Potential Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle
by Joe Martino

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End of the Maya Calendar 12-21-2012

December 21, 2012, marks the end of the Maya Calendar. Is it the end of the world? Not according to Jordan Maxwell. Jordan gives us his thoughts on the upcoming END OF THE MAYA CALENDAR.

Wikipedia — Maya Calendar

Internet Sacred Texts Archive — Mayan Calendar


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