Jordan Maxwell Files 0004

Jordan discusses why he’s dropped off the face of the Earth; being attacked; Jordan’s enemies; Al-Qaeda Christians – fatigued at 73-years old – FBI calls Jordan to warn him – assessing the stupidity and folly of humanity – Hinduism the basis for Judaism – EGYPT and Sun Worship the basis for Christianity – MOON-O-Theism the basis of ISLAM – God’s so-called Chosen People – talking to the movie industry about ILLUMINATI – broke, tired, and old – Jordan’s detractors – allegations of never crediting MANLY PALMER HALL – termination from TRUTH SEEKER COMPANY, so David Icke could replace Jordan Maxwell – David Icke does not want Jordan’s job – allegations of Jordan sitting on his butt and doing nothing – destitution – consequent association with BBCOA begins leading to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION versus Jordan Maxwell – guilt by association – BBCOA website featured Jordan due to Jordan’s celebrity generating business for BBCOA, but Jordan had no control or influence over BBCOA – Jordan not in BBCOA’s decision-making process – Jordan Maxwell sleeping on a floor living in a separate, small, dirty office – BBCOA selling bogus credit cleanup packages and illegitimate International Drivers Licenses on a website featuring Jordan’s name and image – Jordan never given access, passwords to, or control over said website – FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION shuts down BBCOA and finds Jordan Maxwell liable – Jordan Maxwell’s affiliation with BBCOA loose and expedient, and only for the purpose of promoting his life’s work – no control or influence over BBCOA’s separate actions and policies – Jordan unaware of BBCOA’s activities, not Jordan’s business or concern.

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