Commerce & Banking Show #1

US vs American Citizen. Research “Commerce game”, on how banks really work. Lessons from Jordan. Who owns you? US Inc.

As an American national, you are protected under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence. Has benefits, as well as draw backs.

US Citizens are employees of US Inc. Jordan explains the “Body Social”, in terms of Law. When you retire, you receive Social Security profit sharing from use of your security. “They” are not giving you anything, you worked for it. Each person is a “Security” around the world. Why are “Birth Certificates”, on Stock paper?

Humans are Stock for the US Corporation. Birth Certificate are on the Stock Market. Your body was security for the Federal Reserve when was the Federal Reserve formed! What are the numbers on the back of your Social Security Card, and on the back of your Birth Certificate?

Banks cannot loan you someone else’s money, they loan you your money. Why banks loan on Commercial Paper. US CITIZENS are employees of the Corporation, that is why you need a License for everything from a marriage license, a business license, and a driver’s license. It’s all business.

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Uniform Commercial Code

The Creature from Jekyll Island


How Commerce Really Works

Humans are a Maritime Admiralty Products. There are two of you.
Private you, and public you.  Public and private side. Business -vs.- personal.  Upper case or Lower case. All law is commerce, business. period  You’ll never get a bill or government form in lower case. When you get a bill its capitalized …hence capital. Maritime law, law of sea. All ships are female. “She” delivers. We can not pay a bill, you can only discharge a debt.  Jordan tells a tale of a friend that visited “the Richest Man in the World” at a Hidden home in Los Angeles.
Child sacrafice. Why are so many Missing Children around the world? Interferon.

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Canadian Holocaust

Polly Klass 

Unmarked Graves – Florida

Florida’s Dozier School For Boys

Wikipedia – Interferon

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youtube Link – Canadian Holocaust

Conversations with Jordan #4

Jordan discusses the SUN god, HORUS, and how religion is a story about Sun and Moon worship, light and darkness. Jordan continues with more about Sun gods, Saturn gods, and the general worship of gods. From there, the discussion addresses the Illuminati and its Propaganda. Next, it’s on to the number twelve as symbol for religion. There are 12 steps in the sky, 12 hours, 12 seasons, and 12 signs of the Zodiac. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is discussed. Jordan proceeds to Mithraism, and its significant link to modern-day Christianity. Modern-day religion is BIG business. The biblical story is a big astrological story based on Sun and Moon worship. Today’s modern system started with global symbols, and they are linked to Sun worship, which is replete in the Church, the legal system, and everyday life. Ancient Rome is still linked to laws of the land. Jordan examines maritime admiralty jurisdiction, “the law of water”, and its links to commerce and money. Jordan speaks of understanding the world we live in and how everything works. Where there is no vision the people perish. Jordan feels there is no vision, as most people have no clue what is occurring around them.

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