Commerce & Banking Show #1

US vs American Citizen. Research “Commerce game”, on how banks really work. Lessons from Jordan. Who owns you? US Inc.

As an American national, you are protected under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence. Has benefits, as well as draw backs.

US Citizens are employees of US Inc. Jordan explains the “Body Social”, in terms of Law. When you retire, you receive Social Security profit sharing from use of your security. “They” are not giving you anything, you worked for it. Each person is a “Security” around the world. Why are “Birth Certificates”, on Stock paper?

Humans are Stock for the US Corporation. Birth Certificate are on the Stock Market. Your body was security for the Federal Reserve when was the Federal Reserve formed! What are the numbers on the back of your Social Security Card, and on the back of your Birth Certificate?

Banks cannot loan you someone else’s money, they loan you your money. Why banks loan on Commercial Paper. US CITIZENS are employees of the Corporation, that is why you need a License for everything from a marriage license, a business license, and a driver’s license. It’s all business.

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Conversations with Jordan #3

The USA is a republic derived from the Hindus and INDIA. Before 1890 there was no Star of David. Religion, laws, and names came from names in Hindu-ism. Jordan speaks of Hinduism, its religion, and its involvement in other religions. Venus worship and the color green are seen in the flags of different countries. Jordan discusses HANS HEYMANN, Professor from Rutgers University, and his book PLAN FOR PERMANENT PEACE.

Jordan speaks of the Vatican and its 1,600 years of domination of Europe and the Americas. Rome dominated Europe for over 2,300 years, hence the saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Jordan talks about Rome and the Phoenician Canaanites, and how they still rule the world. Jordan continues with the Moon God and his name Sin, hence Mount Sinai, the mountain at night.

Jordan proceeds to the Sun and Leo, with Sun symbolism appearing on every state seal. Jordan states Passover is the resurrection of the Sun in spring passing over the equator. Jordan addresses Sun worship and religion, asserting all religions are a triangle, which is three-sided, hence Father, Sun/Son, and Holy Ghost.

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by Hans Heymann

The Hindus – An Alternative History

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