Law Series Part 1

Plaque of the Common Law

Law is the order of the day, and we have too much DIS-order.

We need to live our lives according to the Law, but we need to understand it. Remember Moses in Genesis, Moses broke the Law, the “original lawbreaker”, by breaking the tablets. We must understand what we can and cannot do.

There are only two things on earth, and therefore only two types of law; Law of the land and law of the sea. Our federal government has jurisdiction in the Law of the sea.  Hence, citizenship, ownership, Friendship.  Ship = Maritime laws.  These Laws have strict liability.

Law of the land is Common Law. These laws are under the USA Inc.’s jurisdiction.   These laws as a citizen, you have limited liability.

In Ashwander v. Tennessee Valley Authority , the Supreme Court faced a challenge to the constitutionality of a congressional program of development of the Wilson Dam. The plaintiffs,preferred stockholders of the Alabama Power Company, had unsuccessfully protested to the corporation about its contracts with the Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”). Plaintiffs then brought suit against the corporation, the TVA, and others alleging breach of contract and advancing a broad constitutional challenge to the governmental program   In December 1934, Federal Judge William Irwin Grubb held that the government had no right to engage in the power business except to dispose of a surplus incidental to the exercise of some other Constitutional function.

Business in Europe is now controlled by the European Union (EU). France is still France, Germany is still Germany,  with their own laws (of the land) but business for Europe, is now conducted under the EU.  Much like the State of Ohio, is still the state of Ohio, Utah is still Utah, (with their own laws of the land) but trade is done with the world as the United States of America.

State of NY, and each of the 50 States within the Union, has its own Constitution.

Jordan and friends speak about the “Buck Act.”   4 U.S.C.S. Sections 105-113. Is a law to permit the States to extend their sales, use, and income taxes to persons residing or carrying on business, or to transactions occurring, in Federal areas, and for other purposes.

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Conversations with Jordan #4

Jordan discusses the SUN god, HORUS, and how religion is a story about Sun and Moon worship, light and darkness. Jordan continues with more about Sun gods, Saturn gods, and the general worship of gods. From there, the discussion addresses the Illuminati and its Propaganda. Next, it’s on to the number twelve as symbol for religion. There are 12 steps in the sky, 12 hours, 12 seasons, and 12 signs of the Zodiac. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is discussed. Jordan proceeds to Mithraism, and its significant link to modern-day Christianity. Modern-day religion is BIG business. The biblical story is a big astrological story based on Sun and Moon worship. Today’s modern system started with global symbols, and they are linked to Sun worship, which is replete in the Church, the legal system, and everyday life. Ancient Rome is still linked to laws of the land. Jordan examines maritime admiralty jurisdiction, “the law of water”, and its links to commerce and money. Jordan speaks of understanding the world we live in and how everything works. Where there is no vision the people perish. Jordan feels there is no vision, as most people have no clue what is occurring around them.

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