Close Encounters of Jordan’s Kind

Jordan tells us about a first hand sighting he had of a Pterodactyl. Jordan repeats his good friend Paul Tice’s story about a 2-foot wide UFO hovering above the pool in his back yard. Another story where Paul Tice saw a dog-faced Bigfoot looking creature, while he was working in rural Massachusetts.

Jordan shares another friends story, a real-estate financier that saw a tall bubble head creature with hoofs, wearing a silver suit near Magic Mountain. This is how the magic mountain got its name.

There are tunnels under Los Angeles. There is a city beneath Alice Springs, “Pine Gap” in Australia. There is a small city under Denver airport. Jordan again urges everyone to get a copy of “The Complete Books of Charles Fort”. Jordan describes another story from that book long ago, about footprints in the snow, all across London England.

Book of Job – 26:5 speaks of the Rephaim. Offspring of the angels, from under the ocean.

Jordan tells of a voice that told him to run from danger, with no explanation. TWICE.

Visit “The Book Tree.” Paul Tice owns it. If you order Jordan’s books from “The Book Tree” from their phone line 1 (800) 700-Tree, Paul Tice will give you a 20% discount. Just mention The Jordan Maxwell Show. Jordan does receive royalties from these sales.

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