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Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Wednesday, 20-March-2013

LAWS of the LAND Versus LAWS of the SEA

Revenue Cutter 1794

Length: 40 minutes, 51 seconds

The UNITED STATES versus the united states of America. It all started after the civil war — 1871.

Fundamentally, there are two things on Earth — land and water. Subsequently, we have the law of the land, and the law of the water. The law of the land is the law of the people on the land where they live. However, the law of the sea/water is international. They are banking laws. When you get a credit card in the UNITED STATES, it works in Europe, or in INDIA.

All ships are female, and she delivers a product. Females produce products — labor, delivery room, birth/berth, ship — "she" delivers products. When products are delivered, they need a certificate of manifest. What is on the ship is on its manifest. Humans are maritime/admiralty products. They also have certificates of manifest, which are "birth certificates." On the birth certificate, it shows our parent as "informant." We are then property of the Department of Commerce.

All humans are "stock." As soon as persons are birthed/berthed, they become property of the government under which they live. See UNITED STATES versus united states of America. The UNITED STATES is different than the united states of America. Constitution for the united states of America formed in 1787 and the Constitution of the UNITED STATES in 1871. UNITED STATES INC — the UNITED STATES is a corporation. Formed in Delaware in 1871. All UNITED STATES citizens are governed under the corporate law of the UNITED STATES. All corporations must have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Hence, the UNITED STATES INC formed in Act of 1871. A UNITED STATES citizen is an employee of the UNITED STATES INC. Jordan discusses.

Rome was once ruled the world. Caesar once ruled from "the hill." WASHINGTON DC is the new Rome, or Empire. Jordan shares his wisdom on who owns you, and why America has liquor stores, and drug stores on every corner.

Monday, 18-March-2013

Conversations with Jordan #6

Bloody Massacre

Length: 32 minutes, 39 seconds

Hollywood's job is programming director for the Western world. Media's involvement in programming. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Why doesn't the media cover the connection between psychiatric medication and other mass shootings?

NEWS = programming society. Media — where does the word come from?

Anchormen must sign contract saying they will only follow the teleprompters — presenting their personal views are grounds for arrest.

Sheeple (the people) are afraid — better to just go along to get along.

The word "breath." Hebrew word, contract. "British" comes from the Hebrew word "brit" (or "covenant," familiar to many of you in its Ashkenazic form of "bris" — a circumcision). "Brit-ish" — man of the contract. Men who demand a contract.

What Happened to America? WASHINGTON DC used to be called Rome. Is America falling like the Roman Empire did long ago? NEW YORK is the Empire State. The law is not bad, it is just sometimes abused, and manipulated. Declaration of Independence.

How the law works. "Commerce" and "Congress" have the same meaning — "sex." All crime is commerce, under the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE.

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