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Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Tuesday, 23-April-2013

Law Series Part 1

Plaque of the Common Law — VIRGINIA, U.S.A.

Length: 45 minutes, 25 seconds

"Law is the order of the day, and we have too much DIS-order." — Jordan Maxwell

We need to live our lives according to the Law, but we need to understand it. In the Bible, Moses broke the Law. Moses was the "original lawbreaker." He broke the tablets upon which the Law was inscribed by the finger of God. We must understand what we can and cannot do.

Holding a globe of Earth, one sees only two things — land and water. Therefore, there are only two types of law — the Law of the Land, and the Law of the Sea. The UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT operates under the Law of the Sea (Maritime/Admiralty Law), hence, citizen-SHIP, owner-SHIP, FRIEND-ship. Ship = Maritime/Admiralty Law. This is the realm of limited liability.

The Law of the Land is Common Law. Common Law is the realm of strict liability.

Business in Europe is now conducted under the European Union (EU). France is still France, Germany is still Germany, with their own laws (of the land), but business in Europe is conducted under the EU. Ohio is still Ohio, Utah is still Utah, (under their own laws of the land), but trade is conducted with the world through the FEDERAL UNITED STATES, a foreign corporation relative to the states of the Union.

NEW YORK, U.S.A. (New York state) and each of the 50 States within the Union, have their own Constitutions.

Jordan and friends speak about the "Buck Act," 4 U.S.C.S. Sections 105-113. The Buck Act is a law to permit the States to extend their sales, use, and income taxes to persons residing or carrying on business, or to transactions occurring, in FEDERAL AREAS, and for other purposes.

Friday, 19-April-2013

Science and Some Great Minds

Digital Woman

Length: 39 minutes, 48 seconds

Science rarely discusses UFOs and aliens. Scientists receive funding from those with power in control. A college degree is nothing more than a work permit. Education has been arrested by the ones who control us, and they limit the knowledge we receive. When you look at a check, look at who signs the check. That is the one who calling the shots and pulling the strings. Science is funded by government, or private groups.

Scientists Jordan respects include:

01) NIKOLA TESLA, the great mind, who made brilliant contributions to the design of modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply systems, and who invented many other amazing things

02) STANTON FRIEDMAN, nuclear physicist and professional ufologist, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident

03) ROYAL RIFE, who reported a "beam ray" device of his invention could weaken or destroy pathogens of diseases by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals. This lead to the invention of the Rife Machine, an alternative way to treat disease. This amazing machine was claimed to be successful treating cancer. ROYAL RIFE, the man who could kill disease with his Rife Machine, was discredited by the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, probably because there is more money in treatment than cure.

04) Paul LaViolette, publisher of many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins University, MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation.

Jordan credits as one of his greatest influences MANLY PALMER HALL, author, lecturer, astrologer, and mystic, best known for his 1928 work THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES. In 1934, Hall founded the PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCH SOCIETY (PRS) in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, dedicated to the study of religion, mythology, metaphysics, and the occult. The PRS still maintains a research library of over 50,000 volumes, selling and publishing metaphysical and spiritual books, mostly those authored by HALL.

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