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Always one with the Divine Presence in the Universe
Jordan Maxwell
28 December 1940 - 23 March 2022

Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Monday, 25-March-2013

Pre-Astro-Theology #1

Bishop and Demon

Length: 45 minutes, 44 seconds

Astro-Theology Is Religion From the Gods

The Bible is the greatest story ever told. Astro-Theology is the study of God.

Why does every church have a different story? Where does Christianity come from? The Bible is an encoded story. Theo-logy, Thea-ter — in ancient Greece it was called the God Show, the The-Attar, The-Ater. These teachers of GOD were Theo-crats. Ask anyone, "Where is God?" They will point at the sky.

The Hindu people recorded seeing flying discs. Christianity, Judaism, Islam — three religions with a book.

Bible, Torah, Koran. Where did Christianity and its history begin? Why is TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK (world's largest religious television network) all about money? Why are most religions about money? Tammy and Jim Bakker were theater actors, flying on private jets, and making mad money.

Claremont Graduate University has an original copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Astrology and the Dead Sea Scrolls. What is really within the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Jordan speaks about the Bible and codes within the Bible. What are the seven hidden codes within the Old Testament? Why does each religious denomination have a different take on the truth of religion? The Sumerians and Egyptians understood and had the real truth.

Aesop's Fables is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BCE.

"By their fruits you shall know them." — JESUS

What are the fruits of these religions?

Friday, 22-March-2013

Commerce and Banking Show #1

New York Stock Exchange

Length: 36 minutes, 25 seconds

UNITED STATES citizen versus state Citizen. Research "commerce game" to discover how banks really work. Lessons from Jordan. Who owns you? — UNITED STATES INC.

As a state National/Citizen, your rights are secured by the Bill of Rights, the Constitution for the united states of America (1787), and the Declaration of Independence. state Citizenship has benefits, as well as drawbacks.

UNITED STATES citizens are employees of the UNITED STATES INC. Jordan explains the "body social" in terms of law. When you retire, you receive Social Security profit-sharing disbursements from use of your body as security to secure the federal debt. "They" are not giving you anything. You worked for it. Each person is a "security" around the world. Why are "birth certificates" on stock paper?

Humans are stock for the UNITED STATES corporation. Birth certificates are on the stock market. Your body is security for the Federal Reserve and was when the Federal Reserve formed. What are the numbers on the back of your Social Security card and on the back of your birth certificate?

Banks cannot loan you another person's money. Banks loan you your money. Why banks loan on commercial paper. UNITED STATES CITIZENS are employees of a corporation. That is why you need a license for everything from a marriage license, to a business license, to a driver's license. It's all business.

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