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Jordan Maxwell
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Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

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Wednesday, 03-April-2013

Jordan and Friends – On Astrology #2

Sky Map of the Constellations

Length: 27 minutes, 07 seconds

"The more we change the more we stay the same."

Jordan and friends speak about how Jordan inspired his friend to learn Astrology. Per the Old Testament, we are told, "Go back to the old ways.".

Many ancient temples were built with astrological themes. Look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Jordan and friend discuss the stars. Jordan also explains why he does not like public events. Reminding his friends, he rants, "Look at most of the public — screwballs, sports addicted, smart assess."

There is discussion of Jordan's chart, and why past lives might affect who Jordan is, and who each of us are. Jordan's stars show a Dragon Tail's/South Node of the Moon in the constellation of the Fishes/Pisces. The Fishes/Pisces rules the oceans. Co-incidentally, Jordan shares he does not like being on the ocean.

To be precise, Jordan's friend thinks modern traditional astrology should be called "Ecliptic-ology." Jordan and friend explain the Nostradamus way of looking at the stars is a more accurate way to cast an astrological chart. Jordan tells a story about how his friend predicted the international banking meltdown of 2007, due to a Dragon's Tail in the constellation of Cancer. General talk about how the zodiac affects the world.

Sumerians divided the heavens into three parts — northern, southern, and central. Earth was at the center.

Jordan tells us about Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and scientist bringing science to the masses, whom Jordan respects.

Monday, 01-April-2013

Jordan and Friends – On Astrology #1

The Zodiac

Length: 32 minutes, 50 seconds

"Always trust the person seeking the truth, never trust the one who's found it." — Jordan Maxwell

We take a break from Astro-Theology, but the subject will return. It's Jordan’s favorite topic. We have Jordan's friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) in the studio who Jordan claims is the best astrological reader Jordan knows. Jordan's friend claims he looks at the stars in a way similiar to the way Nostradamus did.

God is in the heavens, an extraterrestrial relative to Earth. The connections between extraterrestrials and the Zodiac are discussed. It seems throughout time, the elite and world rulers always used astrology, and still do. God's rulership is written in the stars.

Compared to the way Nostradamus looked at the sky, using so-called "astrological" signs of the Zodiac is not accurate. The constellations in the sky have nothing to do with so-called "astrological" signs.

Jordan's friend discusses what he considers accurate in astrology. It is speculated the Greeks took the stars out of astrology. It is also speculated the Greeks created a seasonal-based "astrological" system using so-called "astrological" signs for peasants and slaves, while the elite used a system based on the constellations, not so-called "astrological" signs.

Jordan's friend reads Jordan's chart using constellations, not so-called "astrological" signs. Jordan terms the use of constellations, as opposed to so-called "astrological" signs, "Nostradamus Astrology." Jordan's Dragon's Head and Tail are discussed.

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