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Always one with the Divine Presence in the Universe
Jordan Maxwell
28 December 1940 - 23 March 2022

Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Thursday, 05-December-2013

Jordan Maxwell Files 0003

The 12 Apostles, The 12 Constellations on the Ecliptic

Length: 01 hours, 03 minutes, 39 seconds

"Jordan Maxwell has creative control — the show is actually Jordan Maxwell’s and is produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell."

Jordan and affiliate discuss for the first time in 50 years, Jordan Maxwell has creative control – the show is actually Jordan Maxwell’s and is produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell – Jordan states people come into his life, take his work, and proclaim it to be “their work” – Jordan wants the world to understand the difference between conventional, modern-day astrology and the astrology of NOSTRADAMUS – Jordan discusses astrology’s history, relevance, and importance – NOSTRADAMUS proved the stars in the heavens have something to do with life on Earth – God speaks from the heavens nightly, so that the whole world is listening to Him, the whole world is learning from God each night – the skies of the night proclaim the wisdom of God – MOSES in the Bible said have nothing to do with the people who read the future by the stars – MOSES was the leader of a lunar, Moon cult – YAHWEH (YHWH, YHVW), God of the ancient Hebrews, was a lunar deity, a Moon god – ALLAH is a Moon god in the Hebrew Old Testament – EGYPT and the Moon – Christians worship the Sun/Son on Sun-day – JESUS is a name for the Son/Sun – first legitimate theology on Earth was reading God’s will in the stars (astrology) – GENESIS 1:14 – Let the stars be for signs – Let Your Kingdom Come – Kingdom of animals, ZOO-diac, Zodiac – King Arthur and His Twelve Knights, Twelve Battles, and Twelve Years of Peace – Twelve Stations of the Cross, Twelve Tribes of ISRAEL, Twelve Brothers of JOSEPH – Twelve Labors of HERCULES – Astro-Theology – Moon, Saturn, Day-to-year correspondence – stars beyond the power of human manipulation and corruption, a form of undiluted Truth, an Eternal Story.

Tuesday, 03-December-2013

Jordan Maxwell Files 0002


Length: 01 hours, 20 minutes, 24 seconds

"Produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell, who continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy."

Jordan and affiliate discuss Astrology, religion, Cancer, the Moon and $$$ money $$$, Neptune, the realm of people’s subconscious desires (a realm beyond logic), the conceptual ideas and symbols of religion – navigating according to the stars on the high seas and in your life – Our Father who Art in Heaven (where the stars are) – Zodiac, Zoo-diac, the animal kingdom, Let Your Kingdom Come, the Constellations (beyond human corruption), atoms from the guts of stars, the Sun – Nostradamus, Ophiuchus, astrological signs are NOT the Constellations, longing for the sky (where Heaven is — up there, in the sky, where the stars are) – God’s Sun, Sun-day, church, the Light of the World, our Risen Savior, life, God’s Sun gives his energy for us – the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; da Vinci – The Last Supper – Twelve Apostles – twelve months of the year – twelve labors of Hercules – Greatest Story ever told – ancient Egypt – astrology a branch of political intelligence for kings – God speaks from the Heavens to the Nations – investment funds influenced by astrology – astro-economics – luna-tic – commerce, tides, time, Moon, Saturn – intervention, our Creators, human corruption – man’s origins, the Universe – Masonic astronomy, ancient Freemasonry – Rashi, year 1040, Solomon’s Temple – evolutionary role within the species – God out there in the Heavens – Circe eats people’s brains and robs them of their Destiny – Paul LaViolette – disaster, dis-a-STAR – Mari, Mary, Virgo, Virgin, Foot, Head, Snake, Jesus, Ophiuchus, Death, Resurrection – esoteric knowledge.

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