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Jordan Maxwell
28 December 1940 - 23 March 2022

Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Tuesday, 07-May-2013

united states of America - Astrology

Flag of the UNITED STATES With 13 Stars and 13 Stripes

Length: 48 minutes, 17 seconds

"There is so much about religion that we haven’t been told." — Jordan Maxwell

The date and time of the nativity (when born) of the united states of America was not an accident. Founding father BENJAMIN FRANKLIN was an astrologer. The date and time was specifically chosen. The stars said the united states of America would be strong, wealthy, and rebellious; however, the Old World Order planned on maintaining control via subversion. The foreign fat cats smoking cigars were not going to lose control easily. They immediately sought domination of the "New World" before things got out of hand. They succeeded by 1871, in the aftermath of the Civil War, with the forming of the UNITED STATES corporation.

There is still free speech in the UNITED STATES, because its rulers want to know what the governed are thinking. The governed may talk about anything they want, except banking. MARTIN LUTHER KING spoke about inequality harming black people, and other social issues, but as soon as KING spoke about banking — WHACK! — dead as a doorknob. The same thing happened to JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY.

California Constitution of 1849 – Banks were unlawful. CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION OF 1879, after the Civil War, banking became legal, under the UNITED STATES corporation.


Further control of the united states of America was established with the formation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and the abolition of the gold standard. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is essentially the Caesar of Rome. Aries rules War, and that is where the Dragon's Tail/South Node of the Moon is for the states united on the American continent, causing stress for the UNITED STATES military, in the form of military budget cuts. The Dragon's Tail will be in the constellation of Aries until March 2014, in the seventh house of facing the world, partnerships, and open enemies. In other words, the world will be saying, "Go home UNITED STATES, and take care of your own problems. Leave us alone." People behind the scenes in the UNITED STATES need to fix the banking laws soon.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

We then meet Mike. Mike asks questions about the Mormon Church, and challenges religious healers and evangelists to heal people in Mike's presence, with Mike watching.

Friday, 03-May-2013

Jordan’s Peak Experiences

Greetings From Escondido, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.

Length: 43 minutes, 07 seconds

Jordan had 36 peak experiences that molded his thoughts and life.

In San Diego, during the mid-1990s, Jordan had an experience too improbable to be coincidence. A road trip with his good friend Bob Leeds began with a strange premonition, which came to be.

Jordan invited his friend Jeff on a small trip to Box Canyon, north of Los Angeles. While stargazing over a few beers, Jordan made a dare to God.

Jordan remembers stargazing as a ten-year-old with his pal Connor on the Gulf Coast in FLORIDA, U.S.A., where the two witnessed an unbelievable, unexplainable phenomenon in the sky.

Again in San Diego, while visiting his friend Tim, again in the 1990s, both Tim and Jordan retired to their rooms for the night to sleep. While sleeping, Jordan awoke to the sound of fire burning, but with no smell of smoke. It was not a fire!

At the same place, a few nights later, Jordan had a lucid dream, where he argued with an Angel. The Angel ordered him to wake up – with a warning.

Jordan had a psychic friend many years ago (1990s) who made VERY accurate predictions. One of these "predictions" comprised the exact date and location of an out-of-state conference with Dave Talbott and KRONIA GROUP INC in Portland, OREGON. Jordan was to host. Here he met Bob Leeds. The prediction came true, except one last detail.

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