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Jordan Maxwell: Bringing Light to a World in Darkness

to the U.S.A. and the WORLD

Monday, 29-April-2013

Law Series Part 3

A Sovereign Rules From His Throne

Length: 40 minutes, 40 seconds

"A nobleman should know the law in full, and a sovereign is above a nobleman. So, you better do your homework, and know what you're talking about, if you want to talk about sovereignty, because if you don't, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble." — Jordan Maxwell

In the original Constitution for the united states of America, man was recognized as sovereign (Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 {1829}). If you are sovereign, you do not have anything to do with the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. If you want state Citizenship, you may not be aware of the adhesion contracts you have costing you your sovereignty. If you enjoy corporate benefits, then government asserts you shoulder the burdens. You are not sovereign.

In the old days of the Wild West on the American frontier, every man had the prerogatives of a king and therefore holstered a pistol on his belt. If one sovereign disagreed with another, they had the right to hold court on the street outside the saloon, and bullets flew. Kings are sovereign, subjects are subjugated. Aristocrats realized they were in trouble when peasants became sovereign in the states united on the American continent.

The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is an internal organization dealing with employees, or franchisees, of the UNITED STATES corporation. This is evidenced when writing a check for STATE OF CALIFORNIA taxes to the CALIFORNIA FRANCHISE TAX BOARD. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE employees are just persons doing a job.

Whatever UNITED STATES citizens hold is not allodial. They have an equitable interest. The corporation owns everything.

Are traffic citations lawful? What is the difference between substance and legal fiction? What is the difference between residence and domicil?

"Live within the Law, know the Law." — Jordan Maxwell

Thursday, 25-April-2013

Law Series Part 2

Scales of Justice

Length: 44 minutes, 39 seconds

"Come now, and let us reason together, ..." — Isaiah 1:18

"If you sleep on your rights, you have none." — Jordan Maxwell

The UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is a company, which operates like any other company. The USA has 50 states, and each state is a sovereignty, and a country. There are laws defining Citizenship.

Democracy is the will of the people, but is our "democracy" the will of the people? We have some great leaders, but a few bad apples spoil the entire bunch. To be good Citizens, we need to not only understand the law, but follow the law.

FEDERAL citizen versus state Citizen. If you're a state Citizen, then you're not a FEDERAL citizen. The contract makes the LAW. When you walk into a restaurant, order your food, you have an "implied contract." You sat down, ordered, which implies you agreed to pay — "implied contract."

Jordan and friends discuss 1868 when the so-called "14th Amendment" was adopted. "One nation under God" — is this Constitutional (FRANCIS BELLAMY and the Socialist movement)? The difference between California state, and the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Privileges versus Rights.

We look at the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision. Slaves were brought to America as chattel property, an item of movable property, having no rights. Humans are chattel property known as "human resources."

"Live within the Law, know the Law." — Jordan Maxwell

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